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excel data analysis

Excel for data analysis : why is the use of Excel to analyse data important ?

Different agencies and business companies often do not encounter issues while saving data, in fact, due to the great amount of information availability, they often get confused when making a clear decision. Fortunately, many programs and templates exist to make the saving process easier and faster to help users making relevant choices.

Why is the use of Excel to analyse data important ?

learn excel data analysisManagers, entrepreneurs, government responsibilities and students stress out when they can not make choices regarding their data, because some of them have a very small functional knowledge of Excel, and others lack skills using it. In fact, Excel has phenomenal skills and tools able to analyse, gather, transform and visualize data, it aims to help students and businessmen: beginners or intermediate to make better choices, perform data analysis using Excel’s most significant features and to be well-organized . It is considered the most popular widespread analytic tool with its features that are designed to summarise deeply data in flexible ways.

Excel for data analysis tutorial

Almost all big and small businesses use Excel in their day to day functioning, which is considered by many users as useful and helpful. In order to develop the skills to use it effectively, the learner must deal with basic operations to be drifted to the expert level, for instance, reading data into Excel using many different data formats, then, he will move to a more advanced level, in which he will most likely learn functionalities of Excel, and later on acquire practical skills in any field. Thanks to this software, individuals will achieve profiency as basic user and end up learning curve as an advanced one. In fact, having prior knowledge of Excel analytic tools as pivot charts, pivot tables and tables, and having at least an idea about data from databases and from text files as well will be quite important and helpful. The process of data analysis and saving include many steps, that will help users learn the following :

  • Select and transform data from various sources.
  • Discover and link data to mashups.
  • Having a clear idea about model creating.
  • Analyse, and visualize data.

Generally speaking, acquiring Excel skills is essential for any professional or academic career based on data analysis, because through time Excel improved its tools, with developed visualizations and more sophisticated affairs logics as it is the most common used data analysis software recommended by computer engineers. It must be learned before any other software.

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